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A Chocolate Bar Resume

A recent CNBC headline article caught our attention, “Chocolate Bar Resume Wows Employer.” A photo was posted online of a candy bar with an unusual wrapper. It read:


The applicant’s name
 “Credentials that will satisfy any organization’s appetite.”



While a resume this creative wont work as well as it did for this job seeker (P.S. he got the job) distinguishing yourself from others vying for the same position is important. Being in the Marketing industry this resume shows creativity and thinking outside the box which is perfect for the role he was applying for. Make sure your attempt to stand out plays to your strengths and the key attributes needed for your position.

 The key to this is moderation. No need to walk into an interview and do nothing but things to differentiate yourself to the point that the employer doesn’t think you will be a fit for their company.


Take Away: Use subtleties that play to your strengths to differentiate yourself from others vying for the job.


Article and Photo Source: CNBC


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