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8 Reasons Why Surgery Centers Fail

Industry experts explain a few common reasons Ambulatory Surgery Centers fail and we’ve outlined how to avoid these mistakes. Taken from Becker’s ASC article from November 5, 2012.


  1. Lack of strategic planning.
    1. When you have guiding principles and alternatives plans ready the center is less likely to fail
  2. Inflexibility.
    1. The most flexible surgery centers are physician-owned entities because they are able to change quickly, and surgeons are incentivized toward success
  3. Patient care is a secondary concern.
    1. You must have the appropriate payor mix, good contracts, efficiency and superior patient experience
  4. Inefficient scheduling.
    1. When the scheduling is inefficient physicians are likely to take their cases right back to the hospital
  5. Inconsistent staff.
    1. Surgery centers with a revolving staff are inefficient and may not work well with the surgeons
  6. Ignorance of regulatory issues
    1. Surgery centers sometimes fail because they weren’t aware of non-compliance – an easy issue to fix
  7. Improper surgery center marketing
    1. You have to market it to surgeons and referring physicians as well as  market your services to drive patient volume
  8. Prices are too high.
    1. Over charging will drive patients and insurance companies away.


Becker’s ASC has suggestions on how to avoid each of these issues in this article.


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