21% of the Workforce Plan to Make a Job Switch

better work aheadDo you feel completely satisfied in your current position? Or are you experiencing long hours, no future growth opportunities, a lack of appreciation, or a low salary?  Well, you’re not alone! There are so many others who are experiencing a similar set of circumstances and similar emotions.

So, what’s the plan for 2014?

According to a recent online survey, 21% of employees are interested in changing jobs and are planning to do so in 2014!

Considering the post-recession era, this is the greatest figure that has been recorded yet! Last year, the value was around 17%, but with the economy in much better shape, more and more people are gaining confidence that they will soon find their dream job.

So, why are more of the workforce gaining confidence in their skillset and looking for new opportunities?

Job Satisfaction Is Dropping!

Though a job switch can arise due to a number of factors; this survey highlights a decrease in job satisfaction to be the most prevalent. Last year, 66% of the workforce was completely satisfied with their work, but within one year this percentage has reduced to 59%. And among the respondents; 18% stated they are completely dissatisfied and the remaining had mixed feelings.

Among those that are dissatisfied, 66% say salary is the prime reason, whereas 65% people feel they are not as valued as they should be.

According to www.aol.com, here are the prime reasons leading to a job change.  

Of those individuals who are dissatisfied; 58% of them plan to change positions for the following reasons:

  • 45% state that their current employer does not provide enough advancement opportunities
  • 39% claim that they cannot find a work/life balance
  • Another 39% state that the job stress is uncontrollable
  • And 36% state they were not given the promotion they deserved

So, is 2014 the year to say goodbye to your current company, and contact your favorite recruiter, so they can start looking for a new opportunity?

Ask yourself these questions about your current position:

  1. Do you feel there is enough advancement in your current company to keep you there until retirement?
  2. Are you able to maintain a successful work/life balance?
  3. When you go home at the end of the day, are you able to leave your job at the office?
  4. Does your company value you and pay you what you’re worth?

If you answered “No” to any of these, you’re probably part of that 21%, and it’s time to give us a call!! Remember, Being Proactive with your Career is always better than being reactive!

So why work with us? As your recruiter, we not only keep your job search confidential, but also have opportunities that you may not otherwise hear about.

So what are you waiting for? 

Your dream job is waiting!


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Source: www.aol.com


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