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11 Years After September 11th

“At 8 a.m., as the bagpipes played “Americathe Beautiful,” two tiny figures standing on a deck of the unfinished 1WorldTradeCenterreleased an enormous American flag, which unfurled slowly down the side of the tower. Meanwhile, the assembled crowd settled in to wait.”


With the magnitude of what this day means to most Americans the New York Times published a great article describing the scene in lowerManhattanfor those of us unable to join the remembrance events.

This morning consisted of parades, music, a traditional reading of the over 3,000 names of those who were lost on this day 11 years ago. The full article and more details of the ceremony can be found in the New York Times article “In Lower Manhattan, Assembling to Remember 9/11

Photos and excerpt from “In Lower Manhattan, Assembling to Remember 9/11” by Vivian Yee.


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